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Published on October 15th, 2013 | by Allan Brown


My Amityville Horror Review


Movie Review: My Amityville Horror (2013)my amityville horror film poster. movie review world

Rating: 15

Duration: 88 mins

Director: Eric Walter

Writer: Eric Walter

Cast: Daniel Lutz, Susan Bartell, Laura DiDio



Movie Review World

By now every man and their dog knows the events surrounding 112 Ocean Avenue. It remains to this day as one of the most recognised haunted house stories in the world. However, if by some fluke you have managed to avoid the tidal wave of media coverage or have being living in a black hole for the past 35 years; you can find the full story of The Amityville Horror here.

My Amityville Horror is not so much a documentary about the events in 1975, but more an intimate and engaging psychological portrait of Daniel Lutz (the 10 year old boy at the centre of the events during the terrifying 28 day ordeal at the Amityville house), a man who has lived through years of mental strain and media scrutiny, ultimately shaping his life.

daniel lutz in the documentary film my amityville horror. movie review worldDirector Eric Walter executes My Amityville Horror extremely cautiously and objectively throughout. There is no structured narrative in the film, nor is there any soundtrack to force an emotional response from its audience. These are wise choices from the director as it keeps an impartial viewpoint and leaves the door wide open for the audience to draw their own interpretation.


From the offset it is clear that Daniel is a damaged soul, an aggressive man with possible mental health problems, a man who hides behind a wall of defence and coping mechanisms in order to make it through each day.

Daniels behaviour is erratic throughout the interview, going from a calm relaxed state into an antagonistic and angry rage in a heartbeat. These situations arise whenever someone off-screen asks an objective question in relation to something Daniel has put forward, he reacts either violently or passive-aggressively, often quickening his speech and swearing to reinforce a point he has made. This is perhaps one of the reasons others in the documentary were interviewed without Daniel present. It is also clear that Daniels bitter emotion and subsequent rage directed at his now deceased step father George Lutz, could be the real reason behind his now unhinged mental state, as appose to anything supernatural.

In the end, we are left with more questions than we do answers. Was it all an elaborate hoax by George and Kathy Lutz? Was it the parent’s interest in the occult and the paranormal that stained the suggestive mind of the 10 year old boy? Was Daniel abused by his father George? Or, was it indeed something paranormal?

My Amityville Horror is released on UK DVD 28 October 2013 by Arrow Films.

My Amityville Horror Trailer here

My Amityville Horror Review Allan Brown


Summary: While this no thrills documentary might not be for everyone, it is none the less a compelling and thought provoking case study on not only the Amityville stor,y but one of its youngest victims.


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One Response to My Amityville Horror Review

  1. An interesting documentary from a psychological perspective. A gripping portrayal of a clearly angry, traumatised and hurt man.

    As you said I agree the film leaves you with more questions to ponder than you started with. Questions which will undoubtably go unanswered forever.

    I do wish thy had interviewed the other siblings though! Now that would have shed some light. Although I do wonder if this would have impacted on the tension and would have impacted on the grip of the film and it’s ability to draw you in to daniel’s story and character?

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