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Published on November 13th, 2014 | by Allan Brown


Pritchard vs Dainton: The Rise and Falls Review


Movie Review: Pritchard vs Dainton: The Rise and FallsPritchard vs Dainton film poster. movie review world

Running Time: 63 mins


Director: Richard P Walton, Lee Dainton

Cast:  Matthew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Howard Marks



Movie Review World

The madcap Welsh duo behind MTV Europe’s most successful TV show; Dirty Sanchez, present their hilarious, prank-tastic, warts and all documentary narrated by none other than Wales’ very own Tony Montana , Mr Howard Marks.

The film catalogues the twosome’s infamous rise to fame over a 13 year period, charting their humble skate-punk beginnings to the high-octane fame and notoriety that soon followed their overnight global success.

Strap in for 63 minutes of some of the most revolting exploits ever to be committed to film, and then times that by 100. This truly is Jackass on steroids, sprinkled with a bit of Welsh magic vomit. Indeed, by the end you’ll have witnessed enough pissing, shitting, bottle smashing, bone breaking and vomiting to rival a summer season in Magaluf.

By the end, you’ll have witnessed enough pissing, shitting, bottle smashing, bone breaking and vomiting to rival a summer season in Magaluf.

Although the film presents key interviews with all the major players throughout the team’s history, and is peppered with an abundance of never before seen footage, the array of vile exploits and sadomasochistic pranks on display could very well be seen as a The Best Worst Off Dirty Sanchez DVD.

It’s a visceral and riotous 63 minute experience that will leave you laughing and wrenching in equal measure. For the uninitiated and squeamish, the perpetual exploits and outrageous tomfoolery of Pritchard and Dainton may prove too much. For the rest of you, this is anarchy and mayhem gold. Buy it here from Novermber 17th 2014.

Pritchard vs Dainton – The Rise and Falls Trailer

Pritchard vs Dainton: The Rise and Falls Review Allan Brown


Summary: Never mind it's 18 certificate, Pritchard vs Dainton: The Rise and Falls should come with a hazard warning - and a sick bag. The real Jackasses are here, you have been warned!


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One Response to Pritchard vs Dainton: The Rise and Falls Review

  1. Alan Carver says:

    Hey, can you do a follow up on The Rise and Falls and explain how they never fulfilled their Kickstarter obligations and basically stole everyone;s money.

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