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6 Superhero Movies To Look Forward To In 2018


If it’s true that the movie-going public is growing tried of superheroes, the studios aren’t listening. The genre remains very much in their minds, in fact, as they press forward with more and more productions set for release over the next few years. Last year saw five superhero movies account for the top ten domestic box office rankings, and grossing close to $6 billion globally. This year is shaping up to be even bigger, with more superhero movies lined up than in any previous year – even after Fox’s rescheduling of The New Mutants, now set for a 2019 release.
It’s a big year for Marvel, especially. Disney, Fox, and Sony are also bringing out some pretty major sequels.

Here are some of the most anticipated superhero movies making their way to the big screen in 2018.

Black Panther

When: February 16

What: After Black Panther made his scene-stealing cameo in Captain America: Civil War, the superhero is giving his very own solo film that takes him through his journey as he becomes the king of Wakanda. When T’Challa’s reign is threatened by powerful old foes, the newly crowned king is forced to apply the troops and demonstrate the full extent of his powers to preserve Wakandan and its culture.

Avengers: Infinity War

When: May 18
What: This one is what Marvel has been building towards. Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) lands on Earth to seek out the Infinity stones that would grant him unlimited power. He comes face to face with pretty much every Marvel character we’ve seen on the big screen so far, joined by a group of murderous aliens who do whatever it takes for their leader.

If you do get superheroed out and need a break at any point, there are a whole host of films coming out this year in other genres, such as Red Sparrow and A Wrinkle in Time. But then, if you’re quite happy watching movies in the comfort of your own home, Netflix is adding new content all the time to its streaming service. The web itself has no shortage of other entertainment, either, such as online games which include the likes of Terraria and Tankai. Casino games are also becoming more and more popular, with games such as Starburst and Age of the Gods providing endless fun. Sites like Oddschecker do the hard work for you by finding those casinos with bonuses and offers to get you started. But don’t worry… If you don’t get superheroed out that easily, there’s plenty more to come.

Deadpool 2

When: May 18

What: We don’t know quite as much about this one as the first trailer was largely Ryan Reynolds’ character impersonating Bob Ross, but it does look like it will be a lot of fun. John Brolin (mentioned earlier in Avengers: Infinity War) this time plays Cable, a character set to play a major role in the franchise. Zazie Beets appears as mercenary mutant Domino.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

When: July 6

What: After becoming a superhero against all odds, Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) struggles in his bid to balance his home life and being a father with his high-stakes professional life. He again teams up with Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne to defeat a new foe, investigate the quantum realm, and uncover mysteries from yesteryear. Peyton Reed, who directed the first movie, returns to take his place behind the camera, with the majority of the original cast also returning. Additions to the cast include Michelle Pfieffer and Walton Goggins.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

When: November 2

What: Veteran X-Men writer/producer Simon Kinberg directs for the first time in his career by adapting The Dark Phoenix arc from the comics. Jean Grey (played by Sophie Turner) will be changed forever while on a mission into outer space. It strains the X-Men team, while a shapeshifting alien (played by Jesica Chastain) complicates matters. The film reportedly offers a twist halfway through that film that raises the stakes even more.

Incredibles 2

When: June 15

What: Brad Bird has long claimed that he had an idea for what to do with an Incredibles sequel. Once he had committed to directing, the movie went through Pixar’s production process at record speed. The film starts seconds after the previous instalment ended. The story this time sees Bob (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) stay at home, while Helen (voiced by Holly Hunter) fights crime, providing a modern twist to the family dynamic.

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