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Published on June 20th, 2014 | by Allan Brown


EIFF 2014: We Gotta Get Out of This Place Review


Movie Review: We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Bad Turn Worse) (2014)We-gotta-Get-Out-of-this-Place-film-poster

Running Time: 92 mins

Rating: 15

Directors: Simon Hawkins, Zeke Hawkins

Writer: Dutch Southern

Cast: Jeremy Allen White, Logan Huffman, Mackenzie Davis, William Devane, Mark Pellegrino






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Love and betrayal are the order of the day in Simon and Zeke Hawkins gritty Texan crime drama; We Gotta Get Out of This Place (or Bad Turn Worse as known in the US). Despite it being the directing duo’s début feature, the film along with impeccable performances, exquisite cinematography and subtle splashing’s of noir, has been making waves on the international film festival circuit.

Logan Huffman and  Jeremy Allen in the film bad gone worse. movie-review-worldThe story follows best friends Bobby (white) and Sue (Davis) as they prepare to escape from their small town shackles and head to college in the big city. With only weeks to go before their departure, Sue’s charismatic, yet altogether reckless boyfriend B.J. (Huffman), robs the safe in his boss’ (Pellegrino) office with the intentions of giving the pair a proper send-off. However, by the time the money has gone and the cold light of day extinguishes their blissful euphoria, Giff, is on the warpath looking for the guilty party. And so it isn’t long before Bobby, Sue and B.J. find themselves committed to another robbery in a bid to replenish the money stolen. But like Sue so eloquently puts in the open sequence, quoting writer Jim Thompson. “There are thirty-two ways to write a story, but there is only one plot – things are not as they seem.”.

Mark Pellegrino points gun at Jeremy Allen White in bad turn worse. movie-review-worldWe Gotta Get Out of This Place is perhaps one of the most delightful character driven films in recent memory. The central trio including, Jeremy Allen White, Logan Huffman, and Mackenzie Davis (who are all still relatively new to the industry) deliver a rich and compelling palate of pulpy realism that is dosed in teenage social complexities. Their individual performances are not only compelling from the get-go, but character interactions are simply spellbinding to watch.

Mark Pellegrino also shines are our lead antagonist Giff. He oozes an alluring charisma rarely seen to such effect, and although he’s our bad guy, you can’t help but relish every sleazy second he is on-screen.

While it could be argued the final act somewhat falls victim to predictability, with the odd instance of convenience prevailing over reason, what the Hawkins brothers have crafted, is a rich and foreboding landscape that is as intense as it is uniquely beautifully.

Click Here to check out my exclusive interview with the directors Simon & Zeke Hawkins, were they offer an insight into their début film, their aspirations as independent filmmakers and what makes them tick.

EIFF 2014: We Gotta Get Out of This Place Review Allan Brown


Summary: A wonderful début by two confident young film-makers that rarely puts a foot wrong.


User Rating: 3.8 (3 votes)

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    Not sure if its my kind of thing but any review that contains the word delightful deserves a comment from me 😉

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