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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Allan Brown


James Bond: Skyfall Review


Movie Review: Skyfall (2012)Skyfall-film-poster. movie review world

Rating: (12A)

Director: Sam Mendes

Writers: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan

Cast: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes

Plot: When a recent mission goes sour, Bond must track down a terrorist organisation that threatens MI6 and its members.




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When the Bond formula was boldly reinvented in 2006 with Casino Royale, the story arch continued in 2008 with Quantum of Solace. Four years have now past since Bond’s last outing begging the question, was it worth the wait? Simply put, Skyfall is the Bond film we have all been waiting for.

daniel-craig-and-judi-dench-at glencoe-on-the-james-bond-film-skyfallSkyfall is by far the most beautifully shot and personal James Bond film there has been and with Sam Mendes in the Directors chair the film propels the series to a new high. Action sequences are nailed with precision and are completely thrilling, artfully directed, and a joy to watch. The character driven scenes are powerfully charged and handled with tremendous care and skill. Emotionally, this is the most mature of any Bond film and it is clear Mendes understands the soul of what makes 007 so compelling.


javier-bardem-as-silva-interrogating-007-daniel-craig. movie review worldDaniel Craig delivers a moving performance as Bond, which represents his greatest interpretation of the character. Judi Dench offers a more intimate and personal take on M. The central relationship between both characters is beautifully realised, personal and the beating heart of the film. The final act in which Bond and M face their past is quite simply shattering. And what to say of Javier Bardem, who steals every scene he appears in? He is funny, unpredictable, flamboyant, frightening and tragic. His screen time is limited, but he makes every gesture, word and action count tenfold.

James Bond: Skyfall Review Allan Brown


Summary: Skyfall is a superb homage to 50 years of Bond and is quite simply stunning. Not only is it a class act but also a remarkable piece of cinema.



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5 Responses to James Bond: Skyfall Review

  1. Deschain says:

    Finally a film you like Allan! Not ssen it yet though I’m looking forward to it now. IMAX or regular?

    • Allan Brown says:

      Although not filmed in IMAX, the film definitely benefits from the larger screens and superior sound quality that even post production IMAX conversions bring. So yeah, if possible, go see it in an IMAX screen.

  2. Alex Douglas says:

    I agree that the performances were great but all in all I think the movie is just a bit too long. It doesn’t come to life until Silva delivers his creepy villain speech & if anything it’s a little too serious. It feels like all the charm has been removed from the franchise to be replaced with Jason Bourne type cold brutality. The Moneypenny twist was telegraphed also & Judy Dench can’t die properly. Apart from that, I liked it. Good review mate 🙂

    • Allan Brown says:

      Seasoned Bond fans were always going to have issues and gripes about the way the reboot hasnt stuck to the strict Bond formula, and why should they. I for one wasnt a fan of the Bond franchise before the reboot, I found it camp and the characters one dimensional, however it did have its moments of fun and charm.

      But yes I agree, the tone of the movie is alot darker than its predecessors and the Moneypenny twist was seen a mile off and seemed elbowed into the movie just for the sake of an extra nod to the fans.

      Cheers for the comment bud 🙂

  3. Alison says:

    Thanks Al, we saw it over the weekend and personally I would totally concur with this review, even if you are not usually a fan of Bond this is a must see

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