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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Allan Brown


Pitch Perfect Review


Movie Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)pitch-perfect-film-poster-movie-review-world

Rating: (12)

Director: Jason Moore

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson

Plot: University first year Beca is persuaded into joining the all-girl acapella singing sensation “The Barden Bella’s” in a hope to steal first prize at this year’s sing off’s.



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Pitch Perfect plays out as expected, taking elements from Glee, Bridesmaids and Bring it on” and putting them into a college environment. The film centres around “The Barden Bellas” a struggling all girl acapella singing group who are focused on their traditions whilst trying to succeed using female pop songs from yesteryear. After an onstage meltdown the team is left with two highly-strung senior members Chloe and Aubrey (Brittany Snow and Anna Camp) and is forced to rebuild.

anna-kendrick-and-Skylar-Astin-in-pitch-perfect. movie-review-worldBeca (Anna Kendrick) an aspiring DJ with no interest in campus life makes a deal with her father (John Benjamin Hickey) who is concerned that she is not giving college a chance. He agrees to support her ‘real` ambitions if she agrees to give college life her all for 1 full year. This prompts Beca into reluctantly auditioning for the ‘Bellas’.

Love or hate the concept, there will be few people on the fence about seeing a movie regarding the world of college acapella. On the one hand you have the people who want and are excited at the prospect of seeing the movie whilst on the other you have the people who would rather suck the hairspray out of Donald Trump’s comb-over than endure 112 mins of another bland, smiley, predictable, rehashed teenage comedy fanfare.

rebel-wilson-breathing-technique-in-pitch-perfect-movie-review-worldThe movie touts itself not as Glee: The Movie, as many on the opposing side are likely to deem it, but as something far more self-aware dealing with the age old issues of ‘rejection’ and ‘being yourself’. This however is where the movie falls short. Its inherent flaws in plot and character development not to mention its botched romantic story line were characters lack any real substance or coherence is what ironically makes the movie feel more unaware and ultimately slows the pace.

Where the movie soars and indeed where it needed too, is in the showmanship of its musical numbers and it fortunately delivers above par. There are many standout performances throughout including ‘the Riff-off’ between the rival groups although notably, whether they are purely acapella is up for debate, especially in the final sing off.

The films cast all do an reasonable job, Fat Amy “Rebel Wilson” provides most of the laughs and arguably steals the show whilst “Anna Kendrick’s” uninspiring and generic role feels misplaced for an actress of such talent but still manages to push the movie slowly along to its predictable finale.

Pitch Perfect Review Allan Brown


Summary: Pitch Perfect is a numbingly predictable, clichéd film that rehashes a plot that is all too familiar. With that said, It does offer some spark here and there and ultimately does exactly what is says on the tin and is not ashamed of it.


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