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Batman v. Superman – Trailer Analysis

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Batman v. Superman – Trailer Analysis

In all the excitement about the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron (which we reviewed here), there’s been surprisingly little talk about the Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice teaser trailer that debuted in April and that, oddly enough, is playing at many cinemas in the advertisements before Age Of Ultron. It’s a fairly brief trailer, but it’s absolutely packed with intriguing hints and reveals that will have comic film fans eager for more.

You can watch the full trailer at YouTube, but here’s a look at some key moments to keep an eye on while you do so.

0:18 – This is the beginning of a lengthy look at an unknown skyline, and it looks bigger, darker, and a little more Gotham-like than anything we saw in Man Of Steel. The presence of a Superman statue suggests that this could be Metropolis. However, as Dark Horizons made note of, the skyline itself is an embellished Chicago—which was used as Gotham in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

0:42 – Following dramatic narration from a few celebrities, including Charlie Rose, the 42-second mark brings us a line from Jesse Eisenberg, who’s playing a young Lex Luthor. This is mostly significant because the trailer doesn’t show Luthor. Thus, doesn’t answer one of the biggest questions surrounding this film: what will he look like, and will he wear his war suit?

In many comics and in video games, Luthor has an Iron Man-esque (but purple and green) flying war suit. He wears it on the cover for Intercasino’s “Last Son Of Krypton” slot machine game, and in Warner Bros.’s “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” In those games, Luthor is used as a means of enhancing the atmosphere for a slot machine and as a playable villain, respectively, but in both he’s depicted in the suit. He also wears it in countless strips of DC comics. However, no live action film version of Luthor has ever put it on, and though we get our first taste of Eisenberg’s Luthor in this trailer, we’re very intentionally left wondering!

0:58 – If there’s a single most interesting moment of the trailer, this is probably it, if for no other reason than that it seems almost designed to mesh Christopher Nolan’s style of Batman film with Zack Snyder’s superhero vision. As Den Of Geek pointed out in a very detailed look at the trailer, this scene shows the words “False God” painted on to the chest of a Superman statue in a style that’s seriously reminiscent of blood-splatter font of 300—also a Snyder film.

But immediately after this vision, we get a very Nolan-esque ominous piano note and our first look at Ben Affleck—brooding, Batman-style, in some Bruce Wayne lair or other. He’s staring at his suit, ready to break it out again. It’s as if Snyder is reaching out to Batman years after the Dark Knight trilogy, saying: “come along now Batman, we’ve got games to play.” As a side note, this same moment also gives us a first listen to narration from Jeremy Irons, who will play Alfred (and who is also unseen in this trailer).

1:21 – At this stage of the trailer, a shadowy figure who appears to be Batman is standing in some sort of ruin complete with rubble and graffiti. It’s an easy shot to overlook, but for the painted question mark that appears on one of the columns—and which is unmistakably the logo associated with The Riddler. basically confirms this with a close-up of the image, and really this might be the most mysterious aspect of the trailer given that there’s been virtually no word on The Riddler appearing in Snyder’s saga.

1:26 – Just a quick note: the Batmobile seems to look more or less the same as the one Christian Bale used, at least from behind….

1:34 – Uh, yeah, that stick-like object Batman appears to be holding onto isn’t the spire at the top of the building he’s casually perched on. It’s a scope and rifle barrel. However, don’t get too worked up about the implications that Batman might decide to kill (and with a gun, no less). The aforementioned Den Of Geek reveals that in all likelihood this is a grappling gun like the one Batman uses in The Dark Knight Returns—the comic series on which much of Dawn Of Justice is reportedly based.

That’s about it, as far as sneaky details go. It all wraps up with a hint at a direct confrontation between Batman and Superman, in which Batman is wearing a sort of suit of armour with lit-up eyes and voice amplification, and Superman is floating in the sky like the God/Demon (take your side) he’s portrayed as throughout the trailer.

All in all, it’s a pretty thorough first look at a film with very high expectations to meet.


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