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Published on January 17th, 2014 | by Kira Browdy


Devil’s Due Scaring Promotion

Shortly before the big screen release of directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (from V/H/S fame – Review) Devil’s Due, a new horror from the 20th Century Fox. The citizens of New York were subjects of the films seriously scary marketing campaign.  This saw an abandoned baby carriage with an infant inside crying. Whenever someone approached the carriage the demonic child would spring to life before tormenting its victims.

The world movie premier of Devils Due is to be held on January 17, so the studio decided to ramp up interests in the film it would try a new marketing method. This progressed into the building of a baby carriage with a life-like baby doll inside, complete with blood-red eyes and translucent veins, who when passers-by saw and heard the baby crying, the doll suddenly sat up. Here is the incredible ad being created as to stir interest for the launch of the film. Have fun viewing it once you’ve seen the original Devils Due trailer here.

The so-called “advertising” remotely hints at the film’s plot. During the honeymoon, the young couple experience a strange night, but these small memories seem liked nothing more than a bad dream soon presents itself as something much more. Shortly after returning home, Samantha soon realize’s that she is pregnant. All seems perfect and the loving couple are happy, but this is in vain. Being cornered by life circumstances, Samantha desperately turns to a higher power for help. When the Lord and his angels don’t answer her cry, the Devil himself comes to help, offering a deal.

When things eventually take a turn for the worst, Zach soon realises that it is not his child, and that there is some devilish nature at work. The couple realizes that Samantha carries the Devil’s son. With each passing day and the situation growing more desperate the couple seek help and salvation from a team of Paranormal experts.

The movie is Devils Due is released on 17 January 2014 and is in the genre of documentary horror; its mystical story recalls the psychological horror of the “Rosemary’s Baby

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